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Welcome to

Wholehuman Coaching

Thrive in the liminal through grief, loss
& life transitions.


Wholehuman Coaching is for the hard stuff in life.
I’ll help you to become present and available through life’s
challenges and changes.

Something is keeping you from living fully now. 



  • You’re looking for support to take the steps towards re-engaging with life by navigating your transition with a whole heart.




  • You feel trapped, inhibited, limited, or not able to reach your potential. You haven’t been able to create lasting change and breakthrough your recurring challenges.




  • If you’re ready to move out of experiencing mental fog, flatness, or numbness




  • If you’re ready to connect to your emotions to feel more vital, alive, connected, and confident...




  • If you’re longing for intimacy and depth in your living, loving, and leading


Wholehuman Coaching is for you.

  • Expand your range beyond the three main emotions of mad, happy, sad…

  • Shift from feeling disconnected from yourself…

  • And move away from seeing your relationships suffering…


What if you could receive:

  • A personalized set of practices to support your emotional growth that will help you navigate challenges and changes in your life. 


  • Focused explorations that support you to regulate your inner world, stay connected to your own truth and power in real time, and become emotionally available to others for your optimal emotional health and agility.

  • An intimate understanding of your patterns of self protection and a map for moving beyond them.


  • Support to imagine and implement new behaviors: new ways of thinking that break through your current matrix of feeling and acting that will revivify your confidence and connection to yourself and to the relationships that matter the most. 


You can. That’s what we’ll do together, you and I.

How will we work together?

Learn to get real with what you feel.

Our emotional lives can be messy, awkward, and complicated. We’d just rather not go there a lot of times, ‘cause let’s face it — we have a lot to do already. It’s easy to relate to your emotions as unwieldy, distractions, or simply too confusing... better to keep on moving past them, right? 


And, sometimes life just hurts. Way. To. Damn. Much.


While we are busy not feeling our truth, our feelings remain an untapped source of power, freedom and connection. 


If you’re in the midst of grief, loss & change:


Here’s how to know if Wholehuman Coaching is for you: 


  • You are dissatisfied and disconnected from yourself and from your relationships.

  • Your fear or your comfort is keeping you stuck.

  • You don’t always feel in control of your responses to life’s circumstances. 

  • You have trouble accessing your emotions and you feel mental fog, flatness, or numbness.

  • You push your emotions away because they are too intense.

  • You feel stuck with three emotions - mad, happy, sad. 

  • You haven’t cried for decades.

Here’s what you’ll get with Wholehuman Coaching:

  • Clarify your strengths and breakthrough your recurring challenges.

  • Bring your feelings into focus and stop ignoring, dismissing or overriding them.  

  • Stop reacting to life’s circumstances and start responding. 

  • Learn how to roll with life’s tough punches. 


"Alana is intuitive and collaborative in her approach to coaching. She helped me recognize patterns that were leading to burnout and ineffective leadership. Our sessions helped me clarify where I needed to focus my energy and grounded me in strategies for change."


"With Alana as my coach, I feel buoyed by her warmth and supported by her expert interventions. She seems to know exactly what to say, but without injecting her own bias or opinion. 

She brought out the best in me."


“Working with Alana was so valuable for me. She brings insight into her coaching and pointed me in a direction I couldn't have seen without her. I use the tools we developed to help me when I'm having a hard time and to keep me flexible when I'm problem solving.”


Balancing Rocks

1 : 1 Coaching Sessions

Personalized, in depth sessions designed to meet your goals. We will meet on Zoom every 2 weeks.

Desert Dune Crop

Group Coaching

Small group sessions of humble and brave gatherings in community. Each series focuses in depth on a topic related to emotional agility. 

Pampas Grass

Self Paced Workshops

Coming Soon

Reconnect + Rejuvenate

A flash practice for you

Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? Worried or fried from too much screen time?


Sometimes, we need a moment for ourselves.


Take 60 seconds to experience a moment of rejuvenation, because you deserve to feel fresh and ready for the next thing in your busy day. 

  • You can do this practice anytime and anywhere to reconnect to yourself. 

  • This practice is especially helpful when you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or caught in the whirlwind of a busy day.

Simply sign up in the box below. 

Life’s too short for spam.

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Life's too short for spam. We'll never sell or share your information with third parties. 

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