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Wholehuman Coaching

Developing human beings who are capable of fully meeting the challenges of our times.

Wholehuman Coaching will support you to 

meet the challenges of our disrupted world, 

cultivate the courage to be shaped by the vibrancy of loss and grief, 

and encounter the myriad intimacies of our ordinary human lives.

We’ve lost our assumed definitions of what is ‘normal’, we’ve seen our pre-COVID daily rhythms dissolve, and many of us can no longer take the basic shape of our futures for granted. Our current global context includes a raging COVID pandemic and sense of isolation, deeper awakenings to systemic racism, cascading climate effects, global social unrest and heightened polarization, all perhaps urging us towards a shared awareness that these times are, for most, filled with grief, uncertainty and fear.

Our frontier is to fully meet this moment in all of its uncertainty.

The call to be Wholehuman is to meet our lives fully, to include the mess of our circumstances, to understand the contradictions and temporariness of these being-human lives. Our shared future will demand that we continue to swim in waters where we have more concerns than we do certainties as we discover our path forward. May we bravely ask, as the world changes, where do we place our feet and how do we deepen our hearts? To engage with Wholehuman Coaching is to work to clear a path toward a future that has not yet come, and know more deeply the myriad intimacies afforded by this moment.


Hi, I am Alana.


I find myself returning to questions without final one-time answers: What does it mean to be a human? What does a beautiful life consist of?  What is worth striving for at this crossroads of unraveling where the future no longer holds? How do I live with an invigorated and open heart even amidst the loss and grief I experience? 

Wholehuman Coaching formed out of these inquiries and is built on the foundations of adult developmental psychology, Integral Theory, ecopsychology, interpersonal and emotional development, and Zen meditation practice. ​

I’ve always felt a deep instinctual rapport with the natural world; being outside with nature is where I find myself at my most resilient, most flowing and most joy-full way. Zen meditation practice has allowed me to develop a stable and spacious capacity to be intimately connected with this moment as it is, without imposing my preconceived ideas about what might, or should, be instead. 

My passion lies in working with individuals to transform their mindsets and interpersonal skills, and to refine their leadership capacity for greater impact and collaboration. As a coach I also design and facilitate transformative learning experiences for teams, educators, advocates, and innovators in both public and private sectors. I am an Integral Associate Coach™, Certified Integral Facilitator™, Integral Facilitator Authorized Trainer, Senior Consultant at Ten Directions, Wilderness First Responder, and an ordained Zen practitioner. I bring clear insight, deep care, and grounded presence to my work.


I respectfully acknowledge I live in the traditional and ancestral homeland of the Shoshone, Paiute, Goshute, and Ute Tribes​ now called Salt Lake City, Utah. 


I offer pay-per-session or longer format packages designed to meet your unique needs and goals. 


All coaching sessions are 1 hour and held on Zoom.


Please contact me for rates. 

Month long coaching packages include bi-weekly coaching sessions, with email check-ins as needed between sessions. 

Why Wholehuman?

Wholehuman Coaching will support your intuitive desire to grow and deepen; we will engage a developmental journey to increase your capacity, expand your perspectives and engage your insight. 


Each client seeks coaching for a unique reason. Often, coaching is initiated in response to an impulse to grow or as a response to an underlying dissonance or dissatisfaction in work, relationships or perhaps, more generally in life. Life transitions, unexpected or ongoing challenges, and an increasingly volatile and changing world call us to become more resilient in the face of challenges that are increasingly uncertain and complex. 


Wholehuman coaching will support you to become the most healthy, vibrant, grounded version of yourself, even amidst the uncertainty we are facing. 

Wholehuman coaching explores:

  • Your personal wellbeing: inner intimacy, emotional intelligence, perceiving (and unlearning) habitual ways of being. 

  • Your relationships: relational maturity in both intimate and professional domains.

  • Your influence and leadership: your capacity for leading in these complex times. 

  • Your more than human relationships: descend into relationship with more aspects of yourself and of the world through ritual, nature based practices and affiliation with the ancestors.


We will work together in a collaborative and experiential journey to cultivate awareness and presence into the areas that are essential to your journey and growth. Along the way, we will leverage your insights to create practical, sustainable and creative practices to shift you beyond your current way of being. You will forge and discover new ways of perceiving, relating, and making meaning. 


We will explore together with curiosity and candor, with wonder and humility, to discover and enact new and vital possibilities for your life. 


"Alana is intuitive and collaborative in her approach to coaching. She helped me recognize patterns that were leading to burnout and ineffective leadership. Our sessions helped me clarify where I needed to focus my energy and grounded me in strategies for change."


"With Alana as my coach, I feel buoyed by her warmth and supported by her expert interventions. She seems to know exactly what to say, but without injecting her own bias or opinion. 

She brought out the best in me."


“Working with Alana was so valuable for me. She brings insight into her coaching and pointed me in a direction I couldn't have seen without her. I use the tools we developed to help me when I'm having a hard time and to keep me flexible when I'm problem solving.”