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Wholehuman Group Coaching 
Waves of Change

Waves of Change is a group coaching experience designed for women leaders and facilitators that have a track record of investing in their personal growth.

In my work training leaders, managers, and facilitators I believe that cultivating a foundation in self-awareness, interpersonal and emotional intelligence, and embodied presence are vital to becoming an instrument of service to others.


What is more, I believe that practicing in a community dedicated to growth and development offers invaluable support for clarifying your purpose and taking powerful action.


That is why I have created Waves of Change, an online group coaching program, for women who are committed to their personal development in service of greater impact in their relationships and in the world.

Sessions every two weeks

January 5 - March 15 
10am - 11:30am MT |12pm - 1:30pm ET

on Zoom



This group coaching experience is for you if: 

  • You are yearning for a space to have your perspectives challenged, expanded, and complexified. 

  • You want to stop looking outside yourself for answers to the questions you are living. 

  • You are on fire and are inside of a dilemma that has brought you to your edge and requires you to grow new capacities. 

  • You intuit the power of your heart and see yourself in a process of becoming. 


In Waves of Change you will:


  • Cultivate embodied presence and awareness

  • Practice interpersonal skills like listening and self-expression

  • Befriend habitual emotional patterns for greater emotional freedom

  • Discover the creative opportunity inside of your challenges

  • Share your insights and reflect with the support of a small practice community

Alana’s approach is grounding and thoughtful. I am proud of my growth since our sessions and grateful for the role she's played in my progress. I've taken significant and trackable
steps towards living a life that's more and more
in alignment with ME.

- J.C. Coaching Client


What you’ll get:

Six 90-minute group coaching sessions on Zoom held every other Friday from January 5 - March 15, 2023 at 10am - 11:30am MT | 12noon - 1:30pm ET.


Plus a one-on-one 60-minute coaching call with me to anchor your insights and clarify your personal practices.

The success of this group relies on your participation and attendance, without distractions. We’ll ask that your video is on to ensure a sense of connectedness and community.

This coaching group is by application only and is limited to 6 participants

Please fill out this application form or click the button below.

If you are accepted, Alana will respond with your link to complete payment.

Please choose the investment that meets your current financial context:

$799 / $699 / $599

Meet Alana 

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