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Hi, I’m Alana. It’s lovely to meet you.

Think of me as your partner for the liminal, the in-between times through challenge and change.

My passion lies in working with individuals to transform their mindsets and interpersonal skills, and to refine their emotional intelligence for greater impact and depth. 


As a coach I also design and facilitate transformative learning experiences for teams, educators, advocates, and innovators in both public and private sectors. I am an Integral Associate Coach™, Certified Integral Facilitator™, Integral Facilitator Authorized Trainer, Wilderness First Responder, and an ordained Zen practitioner. 

I bring clear insight, deep care, and grounded presence to my work. 

I believe we are always between things.

As we navigate the space between who we are and who we most want to be, we need reference points to help us orient to the vast open stretches of change and challenge that we face. This space is the liminal


When we navigate the open expanse of our personal growth, developing emotional and interpersonal skills, or moving through life's changes and transitions, we can find ourselves feeling groundless.


We find ourselves in-between, in the liminal, where the past is no longer and the future has not yet arrived. 

To create an orientation within the liminal, we can look to the ancient Polynesian Wayfinders who are known for their skill in crossing vast stretches of ocean by seafaring canoes without any navigational instruments. They tracked their position relative to the stars and the multiple currents under their hulls; they could detect up to five distinct ocean currents in any given moment, water currents that are unseen yet nonetheless felt, and they navigated with tremendous precision through the open waters of the Pacific. Keeping track of their location required that they knew where they’d been, where they had sailed from, and required the keen and multiple senses of the navigator to meet the challenges of the sea, moment by moment by moment.

Wholehuman coaching can support you to navigate the liminal space of your life with a whole heart. We'll bring the multiple currents, both seen and unseen, of your current context into focus and develop the skills to increase your wellbeing and resilience in the face of challenges and life's changes. 

You'll learn how to thrive in the in-between, in the liminal. 

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