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Becoming: Seeds of New Motherhood

Join us for a restorative retreat for
new moms to discover who you are becoming

September 23, 2023
from 1:00pm - 4:00 pm

at Soma Sage & Soul


Becoming: Seeds of New Motherhood is a restorative 3 hour retreat designed to provide space and support for new mothers to discover seeds of their new identities in this unfolding chapter of their lives.

The afternoon is an opportunity to gain insight and clarity into who you are becoming as you celebrate the joys and embrace the challenges of new motherhood. Through a combination of inner listening, movement and creative practice, and connection with other mamas, you will gain a renewed sense of self and a deeper understanding of yourself in a safe and nurturing environment. We'll experience together:

  • Mindfulness to leave you feeling still and resourced

  • Embodiment practice to connect to your deeper self

  • Hands on creative practice to engage your becoming

  • Thoughtful conversation to share your joys, challenges and insights

Join us as we create a space to foster your self-care and celebrate our newfound journeys.

Please choose the price that meets your current financial context:

$120 / $90 / $60

Event Venue: Soma Sage & Soul – Holistic Wellness Collective

September 23, 2023 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm 

To register, please click the button below by September 16th.

We'll respond with a link to pay. No drop ins please!

Meet Alana and Laura

Header image by: Ashley Blanton

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