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Searching for Answers? Deepen your Questions.

I’ve been holding back.

I haven’t written for a while: I've been swirling in fears of being judged, posting something that is incomplete, not knowing what post comes next, worried I might not hit the right note, and most of all, for the simple and direct fear of simply being seen. There are so many threads to follow, so many posts to scroll. A persistent voice inside says, “Am I good enough?”

And. Here I am. Hoping to reach you, here and now, as we all continue to reach and stretch to meet these changing times.

As a coach, I work with people who are bright, heart connected, deep and brave individuals asking essential questions close to their hearts: what is the deepest part of me longing to come to life? How do I bring my gifts into the world? How can I learn to stay authentically connected to myself and make a meaningful contribution in today’s complex and fraught world—without losing myself? How do I grieve, let go, and heal?

What I see in my work with clients is there are one time questions with one time answers.

And, there are also questions, once posed, that seem to have no right to go away. These are the questions that don't lend themselves into easy, tidy, final answers. These are the questions that require our wholehearted engagement, our attention and our fullest not-knowing. These are the questions we simply have to live.

What are the questions you are asking, what are the questions living in you, the ones that evade one time answers?

Wholehuman Coaching can support you to navigate your life questions by bringing in focused, pragmatic and growth oriented strategies for lasting change. We'll bring the multiple currents, both seen and unseen, of your current context into focus and develop the skills to increase your wellbeing and resilience in the face of challenges and change.

Join my list to receive a free Reconnect and Rejuvenate Practice to support your wellbeing and resilience. This flash practice is free and you can do it anywhere. Simply scroll to the bottom of my home page and subscribe!

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